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Name: Rachel
Age: 14
Location: (near) Buffalo, NY
Favorite Bands: Aus Rotten, Toxic Narcotic, Circle Jerks, Exploited, Nosebleeds, Stiffs, Danmed, Virus, Lower Class Brats, Vice Squad, Subhumans, Sham 69, Operation Ivy, Adolescents, Dead Kennedys,
Favorite Movies: The Anarchists' Cookbook, Sid & Nancy, Girl Interrupted, Requiem For A Dream...
Do you consider yourself a bit harsh at times?: Fuck yes. I can get extremely angry, happy,sad, etc. completely out of the blue and a lot of people have issues with that
Were you singled out when you were younger because you were "different" or "weird"?: Yeah. I only had two friends and they constantly beat me up.

Opinions on...
Darby Crash: what the fuck is that?
Sid Vicious: I like him a lot. I think he made more of an impact in death than he did in life. But If I were to choose the way I die, it'd be the same way Sid did - overdose
GG Allin: Yum.
80's hardcore: I love it
ANARKEEE PUNXXXORZ: Aw really? Let's Lyke go shopping for shirts with big anarchy signs on them with money from mom and dad! ...they can fuck off for all I care, honestly.
Fashion punk elitistcore idiots: elitist people piss me off. You're no better than I am. We're equal people. Fashion is for assholes....the only thing clothes are good for is keeping you warm when its cold outside....who the fuck cares what you look like?

Why do you want to be here? what makes you think you're good enough? (please, no generic bullshit like IM TOUGH AND IM KEWL... we've heard it all): I deserve to be here because I am a snotty son of a bitch. I can make you laugh or I can make you cry. I will be one of the weirdest fucks you've ever met, and you'll hate and love it at the same time. (Plus the being TOUGH and KEWL.....HAHA kidding!)

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