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new kidd?

Name:Racheeeeeeeel or Rach?
Location:PA, f-ville
Favorite Bands:leftover crack,operation ivy,homegrown,misfits,assorted jelly beans,dead kennedys,the adicts, the ramones, the sex pistols,choking victim, river city rebels,reel big fish..yeah?
Favorite Movies:the ring,the crow,queen of the damned, aghh..i have no idea!
Do you consider yourself a bit harsh at times?: hmm..yes.
Were you singled out when you were younger because you were "different" or "weird"?: different.

Opinions on...
Darby Crash:
Sid Vicious:hot :)
GG Allin:
80's hardcore:..mm..cool.
ANARKEEE PUNXXXORZ: fucking. awesome. :D
Fashion punk elitistcore idiots:target practice anyone? :D

Why do you want to be here? what makes you think you're good enough? (please, no generic bullshit like IM TOUGH AND IM KEWL... we've heard it all):hmm i want to be here because i would hope no one would feed me a line of bullshit here? for example:STEREOOTYPES ARE COOOLL!!!!!<--..pff i hate that bullshit.no one gives to fucks about stereotypes,well, atleast i dont...andddd i'm not saying i'm good enough either..nor was i thinking it :O

Pictures (3 or more):
these are pretty shitty...and not really updated..i need to get better ones..my hairs lighter and glkjhihsdkghdihgg stuff.

I'll get better ones..promise? :)
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