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new kidd?

Name:Racheeeeeeeel or Rach?
Location:PA, f-ville
Favorite Bands:leftover crack,operation ivy,homegrown,misfits,assorted jelly beans,dead kennedys,the adicts, the ramones, the sex pistols,choking victim, river city rebels,reel big fish..yeah?
Favorite Movies:the ring,the crow,queen of the damned, aghh..i have no idea!
Do you consider yourself a bit harsh at times?: hmm..yes.
Were you singled out when you were younger because you were "different" or "weird"?: different.

Opinions on...
Darby Crash:
Sid Vicious:hot :)
GG Allin:
80's hardcore:..mm..cool.
ANARKEEE PUNXXXORZ: fucking. awesome. :D
Fashion punk elitistcore idiots:target practice anyone? :D

Why do you want to be here? what makes you think you're good enough? (please, no generic bullshit like IM TOUGH AND IM KEWL... we've heard it all):hmm i want to be here because i would hope no one would feed me a line of bullshit here? for example:STEREOOTYPES ARE COOOLL!!!!!<--..pff i hate that bullshit.no one gives to fucks about stereotypes,well, atleast i dont...andddd i'm not saying i'm good enough either..nor was i thinking it :O

Pictures (3 or more):
these are pretty shitty...and not really updated..i need to get better ones..my hairs lighter and glkjhihsdkghdihgg stuff.

I'll get better ones..promise? :)
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fuck off.
You thinking sid vicious is hot,
is just as bad as my boyfriend likeing the devotchkas cause elane is hot.

give me more of an opinion. jesus christ.

and you didnt fill in GG or darby,
may i have a reason Whhyy?

sway me.

1.Almost alll of your bands suck.
2.Your list of movies is lame.
3.You did not answer the question about GG or Darby.
Don't think you're right for here, and your app sucked.
people like you digust me. half your bands suck ya' moms pussayyy...
you dont know shit about the music

you just ain't really right for here and River City Rebels suck, they're a load of fashion-whore New York Dolls-wannabe rockstars now

you seem like a nice person but i donno, you seem more like a mod or somethin and you just ain't really right for here, try someplace else maybe?
you didnt even answer most of the questions and you really fucking annoy me. go away!
PS- your pictures are kinda emo