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Application: This here.
Name: Ina Vor
Age: Old enough to have all of the responsabilities but none of the fun.
Location: The Bowels of a Cereal Factory
Favorite Bands: Our Lady Peace, Red Hot Chilli Peppers... second hand garage bands like SunSpot
Favorite Movies: Fight Club, Boondock Saints
Do you consider yourself a bit harsh at times?: My favorite nickname is Ice Cold Bitch.
Were you singled out when you were younger because you were "different" or "weird"?: I'm gay. Do the math.

Opinions on...
Darby Crash: Folk blues gone horribly awry?
Sid Vicious: Videogame character? That punk down the street that beats his sister and puts firecrakcers in her dollies?
GG Allin: The name of a robot?
80's hardcore: I'm sure I heard it in the womb.
ANARKEEE PUNXXXORZ: Retards who don't know the true meaning of Anarchy and would make a grown Russian weep.
Fashion punk elitistcore idiots: Who the fuck cares? We're all WEARING clothing? Good. Just don't spend thirty bucks on "pre-ripped" jeans. Pay me the thirty and I'll rip the damn things myself.

Why do you want to be here? what makes you think you're good enough? (please, no generic bullshit like IM TOUGH AND IM KEWL... we've heard it all):

I'm actually recruiting characters for a massive online project and I need minions... Well, not quite as demeaning as 'minions', but you get the idea. Online Anarchy, anyone? (Actually, the storyline is post-apocalyptic; fun, huh?) I could also use some enemies(hence this place).

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sorry that i had to go on hiatus without telling anyone... my grandmother was in the hospital for a liver transplant and she is just finally out. i wont be able to be on like every night but i wont neglect you all for a month like i recently had to do.

<3, jychelle