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Name: Sean.
Age: 15, almost 16.
Location: Orange County, CA.
Favorite Bands: Operation Ivy, Slaughter & the Dogs, the Selecter, Cheap Sex, Nekromantix, I Voted for Kodos, Demented Are Go!, Adolescents, the Stitches, the Specials, Madness, the Rockets, the Spooky, the Misfits, the Germs, Hepcat, etc.
Favorite Movies: Kung Pow!: Enter the Fist, Suburbia, Major Payne, Sid and Nancy, the Sandlot, Anaconda.
Do you consider yourself a bit harsh at times?: Yea, but who isn't?
Were you singled out when you were younger because you were "different" or "weird"?: Yes, I got picked on a lot, and sometimes still do.

Opinions on...
Darby Crash: He was awesome, I love the Germs.
Sid Vicious: People tell me I look like him, but it's kinda an insult, since they're saying I look like a drug addicted loser.
GG Allin: I like his music.
80's hardcore: Never really got into it, but eh, I guess you can say it's alright.
ANARKEEE PUNXXXORZ: Some can be pretty stupid, if you like something, fine, but you don't have to go around parading it's so much better than anything else.
Fashion punk elitistcore idiots: Never liked them.

Why do you want to be here? what makes you think you're good enough? (please, no generic bullshit like IM TOUGH AND IM KEWL... we've heard it all): This seems like a kewlz community, and it looks fun!

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